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When will we receive our tickets?

Your confirmation receipt is sent at the time of booking, and should be carefully checked for any errors. Your travel documents will be sent latest a week to ten days prior to departure. As travel documents are usually sent via email these days, most operators have stopped sending ticket wallets and baggage labels. Your e-tickets and travel documents, which are printed on A4 sheets of paper, are all you need to travel.

If I need a visa, what do I do?

It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary visas and the cost of these will be in addition to any prices we quote for your holiday and travel arrangements. Currently, British passport holders travelling to China or India will need a visa. For further guidance, help and fees visit:www.thevisacompany.com

If you are travelling to the US you will need complete an ESTA form. Please go to this website and follow the instructions: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ This is the official US Government website and there is a $14 charge per person to complete the ESTA visa application. We recommend that you avoid rogue websites by using the above web address and complete these at least 3 weeks before travel. The visa lasts for multiple entries in the USA for 2 years.

Visa and passport

For further guidance, help and fees visit:
https://www.gov.uk/browse/ citizenship/passports

What is my baggage allowance?

Each airline has its own baggage allowances for both hold and carry-on luggage. We advise that you check on your flight carrier’s website which will give you their permitted weights and dimensions. Should you exceed the maximum allowance it will be your responsibility to cover any charges incurred directly with your airline; excess baggage can cost as much as £10 per Kilogram at the check in desk! Also, if you have internal flights booked with a different airline (e.g. UK regional flights connecting to London or internal flights in the USA), don’t forget to check their allowances too – they may vary from those of your international flight.

Disabled people

If you or any member of your party have any disabilities, it is extremely important that we make the necessary arrangements to make your holiday go smoothly. We must therefore insist that you contact our offices on 0208 447 2019 before completing any reservation to ensure compatibility for the holiday that you chose.

Travel Advice

Check before you travel to your destination for up to date advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth office: www.fco.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo

Foreign Office Advice

For advise before you travel, please visit: www.fco.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo

Why do I pay for flights on my credit card directly with the flight supplier?

When looking for the best deals for our clients we often look at low cost airlines. For your convenience, these are booked on your behalf using your card so you can see exactly what you are paying. In these cases your booking will be under one reference and the flight price will show on your confirmation which comes directly from the supplier.

When will we receive our tickets?

Your confirmation is sent at the time of booking with your necessary documents to travel. On bookings where you have paid the flight supplier directly, either we will provide you with the print- out from the low cost carrier, or you will get a confirmation email direct from them. Most low cost airlines now operate a ticketless policy but you will receive a confirmation sheet which gives you all the information you need to travel. Any flight tickets that do need to be supplied by a tour operator will be sent up to 5 days prior to departure.

Have I booked speedy boarding with Easyjet?

Not unless you have requested it and paid the additional charge even though it may look like you have speedy boarding due to the way the confirmation prints out.

What is classed as an extra?

There are now many extras that can be added to your booking that are not included in the fight price.

– Baggage: Baggage allowances vary and are not generally included in the fight price, especially with low-cost airlines. You can check on the relevant suppliers website under their FAQ’s for full information as every airline has their own policy.

– In-flight meals: If you are travelling by a charter airline or low cost carrier, meals are no longer included, but may be an optional extra. However, most scheduled airlines still have meals included.

– Transfers: These are not included on our advertised prices and have to be added. If you would like transfers added at a later time please ring our customer services and they will assist you.

– Travel Insurance: Please see Important Information.

What do I do about checking in with Ryanair?

Ryanair will charge you at the airport if you do not have your pre-printed boarding passes with you. Please call our customer services department on the number shown on your paperwork 7 days prior to departure to complete your online check-in

How do I make an amendment?

Please ring the customer services line they will be happy to help you with your requirements.

How many nights are actually spent in the accommodation?

By international convention, accommodation is reserved from midday. If you are booked to travel on a night flight your accommodation booking will be from midday on the date that you depart from the UK not the date you arrive in resort (which could be early hours of the following morning). The date of your departure from the UK is classed as the first day of your holiday duration

Can I keep my room longer if I have late departure?

It is possible but not guaranteed. It is recommended to request a late check out immediately you arrive at your accommodation, as availability will be on a first come basis, and there may be a charge which is paid locally. If this is not available your baggage can be stored in a secure place until your departure. Some customers book their accommodation for an extra day so that they have the room and board right up until they leave. Please contact customer services if you are interested in this option.

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