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Those wishing to spend their holidays in the Bahamas will find no shortage of places to stay, with accommodation ranging from first class hotels and exciting holiday resorts to peaceful guest houses and inns and quiet self catering cottages, lodges and villas.

Those on holidays in the Bahamas will certainly not be short of fun activities and things to do. As well as the obvious attraction of the gorgeous, exotic beaches, the islands themselves are filled with fascinating historical places to visit such as forts, plantations and remote villages. There are rare species of flowers to discover, and the chance to come face to face with the endangered Bahamas Parrot. History lovers taking their holidays to the Bahamas can shop on historic streets or spend many happy hours discovering all that the Museum of the Bahamas Historical Society has to offer, showcasing the history of the islands from the pre-Columbus period all the way up to present day. There are also plenty of tours to take which give tourists the chance to go on hiking trails, bird watching tours and Jeep safari tours.

Other activities on land for those taking their holidays to the Bahamas include sampling the local cuisine, with everything from low key roadside refreshments to dining out in the classiest of Michelin star restaurants available. Keen shoppers will find much to enjoy as well with authentic Bahamian products, local crafts and arts at the famous Straw Markets; Grand Bahama Island is filled with larger, more Western style shopping centres.

Different entertainment options for tourists on holidays to the Bahamas include a very bright and active nightlife, with numerous clubs and live shows that offer something for everyone. Children on holidays in the Bahamas need not be left out of all the entertainment and activities, with plenty of things to keep them occupied including horse riding, bowling, building castles and a unique children?s ?camp?, which comes complete with a full sized replica of a sunken Spanish galleon. More adult entertainment is also on offer by way of the numerous world class casinos offering classic games such as blackjack and roulette, while those after a sporting chance in the golfing arena will find plenty to keep them amused with the islands? championship level fairways and greens, including what is something of a world first ? a Scottish style links course situated on a tropical island.

Away from the land, the Bahamas are justly renowned for all of their water based activities. The ocean surrounding the islands is astonishingly clear, and spotting dolphins and exploring coral reefs, shipwrecks and the many different kinds of colourful fish is all part of the fun of holidays in the Bahamas. With water based sports such as boating, diving, fishing, kayaking and snorkelling all heavily promoted and available, water lovers will love every second of their time on these delightful islands.

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