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The main attraction for those on holidays in Agadir, and its crowning glory, is the beautiful crescent beach. This huge, sandy bay has some of the best white sand in Morocco. It is also one of the most sheltered Atlantic beaches in the world. Holidays in Agadir are ideal for those who love water sports. Many of the larger hotels and surf clubs will rent out jet skis, surfboards, windsurfing equipment and body boards. For those who are passionate about surfing, a nineteen kilometre journey to Banana Village is worthwhile. Here the flatter and thicker waves are ideal for surfers. Tourists who prefer to stay on dry land can enjoy camel or horse trekking over the sand dunes and through a eucalyptus forest known locally as the ?fount?.

Agadir is renowned for its fishing industry and every November the city hosts the Fish and Seafood Festival. Hundreds of suppliers and dealers descend on the city to sell and buy tonnes of fish. This huge international festival is a bustle of activity and is a major attraction for those on holidays in Agadir at that time of year. Outside the exhibition temporary restaurants and shops are set up where visitors can dine and purchase local handicrafts. It is also worth visiting the port of Agadir where tourists can see the fishing boats in the morning and watch the fishermen repairing their red nets.

The Valley of the Birds is home to a wide variety of bird species including parrots, macaws, swans, ducks, peacocks, lorikeets and many more. This narrow stretch of parkland attracts birds throughout the year and the park also has a zoo, a few aviaries, a waterfall and a playground, making it the ideal location for a family picnic.

To the southeast of Agadir is the walled market Souq al-Had. Agadir was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 and it was rebuilt in a modern style, so holidays in Agadir can lack the traditional Moroccan feel of other Moroccan holiday destinations. However, the atmosphere in Souq al-Had is more traditional; in this central market there are many stalls selling food, herbs, clothes, household items and souvenirs. The Kasbah is one of the few remaining parts of old Agadir. Only the walls remain, but the site has wonderful views of the surrounding area. At night the Kasbah is lit up.

Holidays to Agadir are a chance to experience its fantastic nightlife with night clubs, discos, casinos and the latest laser light shows. Flamingo, Dreams and Papa Gayo are the city?s most renowned night clubs offering sophisticated entertainment. However, the city can also offer more traditional entertainment in the form of belly dancing, with plenty of food and drink to accompany the show. The city has cafes and terraces with cabarets offering local and international entertainment and live music. Every July the city plays host to the Timitar Music Festival.

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