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Holidays in Abu Dhabi will take you to the most modern city in the United Arab Emirates. It is the largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and is also the capital. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and offers a variety of reasons for tourists from around the world to visit. Some come for business, while others visit for the upscale nightlife. Many come to explore the wonders of the city’s history, architecture and beaches.

There are a number of impressive attractions in the area. For example, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the sixth largest mosque in the world. To tour it as a non-Muslim, you must visit Saturday through Thursday mornings. Tourists may also want to see the Flagpole. This simple name describes the world’s tallest flagpole, which measures 123 metres high. The UAE flag hangs from the Flagpole, and you can find it on Marina Island, which is just across from the Marina Mall, a popular shopping district.

Many people who take holidays in Abu Dhabi do so to explore the waterfront, and the beaches that stretch all along the coastline of the region. The Corniche, as it is called, is the waterfront area that stretches from the Breakwater region up to the Mina Zayed port. This area is open to the public for exploration and sunbathing. You can stroll along the walkway for the entire length of the beach, or stop and enjoy some sunbathing along the route. You can also take to the beaches for go-carting. Some people take holidays in Abu Dhabi for the shows that take place on the stages at the beaches, including musical performances and other forms of live entertainment. Playgrounds for younger children will keep the kids happy.

Then there is the expansive and towering downtown area of the city. Many people come to live in this city because it is a business centre like no other in the region, and there is a large expat community here. Visitors should take advantage of the cultural events that occur within the downtown region, such as those held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre.

Visitors should also check out Khalifa Park, which is home to an aquarium, various sporting events, formal gardens, fountains, a museum and a train. You can also visit Yas Island, which is a motorsports location with world class motorsports events occurring throughout the season. Visitors can go swimming at any of the beach resorts, take lessons in traditional dance, or even arrange to take a desert safari.

Abu Dhabi holidays offer modern conveniences in a beautiful setting. For those who are looking to explore this region of the world, starting with Abu Dhabi is the perfect choice. It is a great location for family holidays, honeymoons or just a relaxing getaway.

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